6 ways your job effect your future

6 Ways Your Job is Effecting Your Future

Many things in life hurt us, however, so does the wrong job. This will not only leave you unsatisfied but it can hurt your career trajectory or even your employment itself.

From missing out on promotions to working for a company with a bad reputation, there’s a host of ways a current role can negatively impacting future and ultimately your wage.

So before you commit even more time and effort to your existing job check out these six signs it may be time to look for greener pastures.

1. You don’t believe in the mission,vision or leaders

In a tight job market taking any job you can get makes sense, however do not discount rethinking your current position, particularly if you don’t agree with the direction your current company is going or you don’t respect its leaders.

Change often occurs when a new CEO or new manager comes in and the company re-brands or changes direction. If it isn’t aligning with your long term career path and personal brand it can hurt you to associate with that company. Always review you situation and ask whether the fit and culture is still in line with your passion, desires and outlook on life.

2. Your manager takes credit for your hard work

No one wants to work exceptionally hard to get tasks and projects done only to get thrown under the bus. When it’s your boss or manager who is doing it to you and stealing the credit, it could be a sign it’s time to start looking. While you may not think this is a big issues it will eventually breed resentment but it could prevent you from getting promoted if your manager gets all the accolades for your hard work. Sometimes this is easily seen, other times its’ harder to detect, but either way there’s not much you can do about it.

3. The job is just a means to a pay check

Sadly this is a reality for many people, nobody wants to be in between jobs for too long which is why many will take a position as a “placeholder” until something better comes along. While it is great to money in the bank there are definite emotions you will be going through which will make you feel disengaged and strongly disinterested in the job. These feelings will carry over into how you actually perform, including your attitude allowing you to become upset and have no enjoyment within your job. Ultimtely your work will suffering because of it, you do run the risk of negatively affecting your reputation with your leaders, patrons and coworkers, which can, and generally affect you when you seek another position, either internally or with another company.

4. Complacency has set in

We all want to feel comfortable in our jobs, again it gives us funds into our bank and purpose into our lives. However, you also don’t want it to be too comfortable that you don’t ever move up or leave. There’s a reason that old saying “when one door closes another opens” strikes a cord with so many people. If you stay in a position too long it can definitely damage your career, one example to avoid that from happening is to plan where you want to be in your career in five, ten and twenty years. Write it down or even print it and hang this on your wall or the mirror in the bathroom.  Be reminded of your goals and your purpose in life.  Feel great about yourself and have that positively effect your job and your work.

5. Your company has a bad reputation

It’s ok to work for a company trying to take on the competition or the market leader, infact at the core of many if not all businesses this is what is done on a daily basis. However, if your employer has a really bad reputation then it can hurt your future career. If you are working for a business that other people don’t respect, your association with it can have negative impact on how other people view you including prospective employers.  Not only will people question your character but you may not even get an interview for a position you wish to obtain.

6. Your role adds little to the business

You may love your job and tasks you perform but if that position doesn’t impact the business or is hurting your chances of moving up then you are likely in a dead end role.  Often this is taken incorrectly.  For example, a cleaner may think they are in a dead end job.  However, this is a major impact for the business as it is a presentation and first impression for the company.  It is one of the most important jobs within a company and can effect the bottom line.  Look at your position in a positive light and review the impact that your position has on the company for what you invest.

Do you have opportunities to highlight on your work and contributions? Is your position is often overlooked? Does you manager notice what you have done and give positive feedback? If you answered no to all of the questions above then it is going to be difficult for you to get the recognition that’s necessary for promotion. Unfortunately it is a exceptional indication that your role isn’t progressing your career or meeting your goals and desires if you keep getting passed over for promotions or there isn’t a clear career path from your current position.  Have a discussion with your manager to verify whether there is a complete lack of career pathway or whether it simply is not detailed or known.

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